Each year, the League's membership considers resolutions that give our organization its direction for policy for upcoming years. At the 2014 convention, the membership adopted ten resolutions.

This year's resolutions deal with the gun issues, deer hunting regulations, non-resident license fees, and environmental concerns. CLICK HERE to read this year's adopted resolutions

For more information about our resolutions process or this year's adopted resolutions, please email our office.

Last Updated (Wednesday, February 26 2014)


It's Catfish Tournament time!!

Catfish Tournament

The 2014 Ohio River Interstate Catfish Tournament will be held from 3:00pm August 15 to 3:00pm August 16, 2014.

This is the League of Ohio Sportsmen's 15th annual tournament and promises to be a good time for all.


Have questions or need more information? Call (614) 274-8370.

We look forward to seeing you in Marietta!

Last Updated (Sunday, February 09 2014)


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